Some Friends are worth the Fight • Ibelina Pirulina
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Some Friends are worth the Fight

some-friends-are-worth-the-fight-letter-this-in-your-style some-friends-are-worth-the-fight-letter-this-in-your-style-sketch some-friends-are-worth-the-fight-letter-this-in-your-style-detail2 some-friends-are-worth-the-fight-letter-this-in-your-style-detail1


is an Instagram lettering challenge hosted by @bealettering and me with the purpose of practice, build community, share love between artists and have fun ❤️🎉

The idea is to finish a piece made by us or you can choose a partner to participate with. Every Friday we’re posting a sketch made or an idea for you to make your own version, you can use any material you want or use a digital tool.


This time Bea made the sketch and I finished the piece digitally in an iPad Pro with Procreate app. 😊📱